Agent Goes Undercover Inside Michigan “Sharia” Mosque

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After reading this article in more focus about a former Fed agent going undercover to unveil what is really happening in Mosques in America, I came away asking how this is being allowed. The article that is linked is a good read that gives keen insight on how such religious ORG’s are getting away with promoting pedophilia under the guise of religion and how they are openly supporting Bernie Sanders for President which is a violation of Non-profit status under federal statues. The article also provides contact information on how you or anyone can protest this Sharia law that is being allowed in states like Michigan in order to raise awareness.

Retired federal agent Dave Gaubatz went undercover into the I slamic House of Wisdom mosque in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, on Friday, March 6, and walked out with literature he says legitimizes child marriage, jihad and Sharia-compliant “temporary” sex marriages.

Gaubatz, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force where he worked in Special Investigations, entered the mosque with a female associate named “Christine” about 11:15 a.m. on Friday and stayed until 2:30 p.m.

“The fact that they have these kinds of books right out in the open tells us they feel very comfortable pushing Sharia here in Michigan,” Gaubatz told me during a March 7 interview at a diner in nearby Troy.

Gaubatz also paid a visit to the American Muslim Diversity Association in Sterling Heights, a suburb of Detroit just north of Dearborn. Here, Gaubatz found members openly handing out flyers supporting Bernie Sanders for president.

Gaubatz said the Bernie-for-President flyers were being handed out to everyone who entered the AMDA mosque in Sterling Heights during Friday prayers. The flyers directed Muslims to vote for Sanders, an avowed socialist, in Michigan’s Tuesday, March 10, Democratic primary. This would seem to be a flagrant violation of the mosque’s nonprofit status.

But even more shocking were the books at House of Wisdom that contained Sharia-compliant information on Islamic marriages.

“There were several tables and bookshelves of materials open to the public,” Gaubatz said. “Several books pertaining to jihad as well as temporary marriages.”

Temporary marriages , for a few days or even a few hours, are allowed under Sharia for Muslim men, and these temporary-marriage contracts are often used solely for the purpose of having sex.

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